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…a word I’ve coined just for this blog. An interesting concept. Assuming I’ve got the root right, I declare that it means “a fear of caring.” I’m open to suggestions of different words that have my intended meaning. Anyway…… How … Continue reading

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Chosen Values

What’s important to you, what’s most important? Maybe family over work, or religion over science? Chances are quite high, that if you compare your values with someone else’s, you don’t quite agree, or maybe the comparison isn’t even close. Once … Continue reading

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Does science clash with religion?

Short answer: it depends on your religion. I suppose it would be wise to describe what science is. Definition (from my computer’s dictionary): the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical … Continue reading

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Leaving my Facebook friends behind?

Yes, I am. Not because Facebook went too far in sharing my information, though that’s close. Facebook recently enabled even more ways to gather and share information about me and there were so many choices, all poorly explained, that I … Continue reading

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Is Faith Necessary?

Experience doesn’t prove anything, faith is required, or is it?
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Darwin’s own words dismiss Intelligent Design

Darwin… addresses notions of Intelligent Design and,… dismisses them. Continue reading

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