Leaving my Facebook friends behind?

Yes, I am. Not because Facebook went too far in sharing my information, though that’s close. Facebook recently enabled even more ways to gather and share information about me and there were so many choices, all poorly explained, that I just gave up on the site. Yes, I could have taken some time to learn the various options and set them to my liking, but you see, Facebook had done this before.
This isn’t the first time it has created new settings, with the default option being to share info, forcing a consideration of each. So, you can understand that I have reason to suspect that this might happen again, rendering pointless my efforts to keep private what information I can.
So I have shutdown my acount, severing contact with some recently regained friends, isolating myself just a tad more than before. All because Facebook behaves as if it has a duty to make available as much information about you as it can.


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In accepting Doubt, I find Certainty
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