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Internal Reflection

On a basic level, it is the internal reflection of light, in a chamber with excited atoms, that gives a laser its coherence. The laser needs no focus to shine a straight beam, it just needs to be carefully released. … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season. Soccer/football fever will soon peak as the World Cup winds to a close. But what goals might I have… Long term: transition myself back into the workforce. Since I feel rather rusty and/or behind the times with … Continue reading

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The Human Kernel Project

Imagine: You and a similarly skilled, large, set of associates are charged to keep running an even larger set of computers, for an indefinite time. The operating systems for the computers are all installed by others, others that you have … Continue reading

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To gamble?

Yes and no. And so begins a short, likely cryptic, blog entry. Of necessity, not for privacy nor propriety, I must fail to explain the most important detail that happened yesterday, June 11, 2010. A therapeutic detail, of some import. … Continue reading

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Short, simple and sweet.

Update on iPad, car, origami, blog and b-day Continue reading

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War or Peace?

Deadly missiles fly across the border. Thousands of people cross into our country in small, easily unseen groups. Citizens and border patrols alike are subjected to unwarranted attacks. Where is this war, illegal according to Geneva Conventions since citizens are … Continue reading

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You should read my blog. I should write more often. I should be more creative, should be less critical. You should notice a theme by now to what I’m saying. How should I say this…? By what mechanism, what value … Continue reading

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