Short, simple and sweet.

Have had my iPad for about a month now – slowly getting more and more addicted to it – it’s very convenient for grabbing info quickly. And for a short, quick, diversion into a game.
Started doing some origami again – haven’t made anything of import yet, but it’s also good for the occasional short, quick, diversion.
After several months of neglect, I finally had my car serviced because of how loud it was. Catalytic converter needed replacing, if I recall correctly – anyway, it wasn’t cheap.
This blog is threatening to wither and die – I’m not quite updating it often enough, but more importantly, I’ve hardly any readers. I think I’ll send out another announcement, just this second time.
In-laws surprised me Sunday with a belated birthday cake and gifts. Need to find a suitable place for a nifty, cute, sculpture.


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In accepting Doubt, I find Certainty
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2 Responses to Short, simple and sweet.

  1. Hapbot says:

    I read your blog when I remember to. Actually I forgot about until I saw your e-mail.
    (Sorry) I’ll try to remember to check it weekly.

  2. wds says:

    Happy be-lated birthday. Didn’t know you had a blog. You keep writing, I will keep reading.

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