A Shopping Spree?

Last night, I had occasion, not from any urgent need but from the evening coolness, to go grocery shopping around midnight. Whee!
That’s not my usual habit, except in the hot days of summer such as we have now. The parking lot was quite empty, but not completely so, as I pulled up, parking near the entrance. There was a light rain, but I didn’t hurry as I walked past a row of cabs up to the store. I was confused at the doors that didn’t open – the store is open 24 hours, but this was the latest I had been shopping there – what’s amiss?
Ah, there’s a small, very well lit, entrance along the lot – it’s just the store being security conscious. So I trundle in, grabbing a shopping basket and heading to my errand.
I notice many college age folks walking the aisles in well worn, loosely fitting, attire. Several of asian descent also, though dressed a tad more formally. The least formal of the bunch, well, the clothes either barely contained their assets, or had a pronounced unclean aroma.
The general mood was jovial as I got in the checkout line. The clerk was running out of checkout tape, and asked for more, teasing another worker who went off to get them. I waited my turn, paid with my debit card and left casually through the same doorway I entered through.
The rain had eased up, the taxis had all left, and the last of the 3 other cars parked near mine was just pulling out. I drove easily home, not at all in a hurry as today started, hoping to be asleep soon.

In the morning, I discovered that I needed soon to get more sugar to go with my milk and cereal purchase.


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One Response to A Shopping Spree?

  1. pkwynn24 says:

    Don’t you just hate it when we run out of receipt tape? I get yelled at for running out of tape .. sorry its the end of the world.


    Adventures of Grocery Clerks

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