The right to worship? A reprise

There is an important, yet subtle, point left completely unsaid in my previous entry. While I make the case in support of our government not blocking the mosque, I come close, perhaps dangerously so, to saying that our government should support the mosque.

I’ll be blunt. In my view, our government must, from its very foundation, support the right to build the mosque and also must, from its very foundation, not support the building of the mosque.

This subtle difference is quite markedly present in the First Amendment to our Constitution, more clearly, perhaps, than simply declaring that Congress must remain neutral. Supporting the building of the mosque would directly contravene Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. Likewise, not supporting the right to build would directly contravene prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Confusing the two points is easily done, but must necessarily be avoided. To re-iterate: either the fact that the building is a mosque has zero bearing on its right to be built near the twin towers site, or you have zero rights in our country to practice your favorite religion, whatever it may be.

Our government’s voice, defined by our First Amendment and stated recently by NYC mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, is clear: allow the mosque to proceed and reinforce our country’s foundation, or block it and destroy ourselves from within.


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