As turkey day approaches…

I’m busy with a final project for my first course in 15 or so years. I’m actually relatively frantic at it, coding and designing and debugging about 7 hours a day. It’s almost like a job.
Mind you, I’m taking the course as the first of a series on the road to a masters degree, all so that I might have a better chance at getting a job. Having not worked in 8 or so years, I feel the need to do something.
And Mom asks me what is special about this therapist that has me improving so markedly this last year. Not that I can answer that, but I can say that I’ve not yet seen this therapist a whole year.
I can also say that there’s a chance I might stop therapy as soon as December – but that’s up in the air.
Mom will be visiting over the weekend, sharing my hermit’s nest for a few days. And I’ll have to do my best to ignore her so that I can focus on my project. But not Jim, because Fidget, their dog, isn’t quite himself atm, and they don’t think he should be left alone the whole time.
Turkey day will be at my cousin’s home. Never been there before and according to Mapquest, it’s about an hour away from here.
And what’s the point of this ramble? Well, just to get an update out there really. I think I’m doing well with life’s curves and that deserves some recognition. And I’ve joined a gym. I don’t think there was much in the way of reasoning about that decision, I just felt like doing it, felt ready, willing, able and in need.
Yes, it’s hard, but so far, I’m enjoying it. Never thought I’d say that about a gym. Oh well, it’s said.
And other news, MIT has decided, or rather, Prudential on MIT’s behalf, that I’m no longer disabled. Here, I am, at a day that I once feared, the day when someone else says of me, “He’s ready to work.” and I’m still not ready for it. I find I’m not ready, not because of still being in need of help, but because I didn’t plan for it when I started the course or started the gym. So yes, I’m not ready, but I’m not ready in what is likely the best way possible.
Oh, and should you find yourself seeing me in person sometime in the future, don’t offer me a pepsi – I’ve gone cold turkey, no more caffeine, so no more pepsi. Yes, I now I could get caffeine free pepsi, but my decision was actually based on having started at the gym. All that sugared water, seemed counterproductive. So I stopped.
What more can I say?
My final project is a game for the iPad, not an original game, but with some original twists. I treat solitaire mahjong (I think it’s also called taipei), not as a solitaire game to be played quickly, but as a puzzle. A puzzle with a solution that needs to be found and deduced. I have until Dec. 9 to get it working – I probably won’t get implemented all the features I have in mind, but I’m confident it will be solid at what it does do.
And that’s that for now. May thanksgiving be a good day for you.


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  1. Katie says:

    Hooray for you!

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