Scott Brown: Hypocrite, Old Boy, and Proud to be Both

In Massachusetts, our Senate race is between Scott Brown, the incumbent, and Elizabeth Warren, and is too close to call.

Scott Brown’s campaign slogan is “Vote the man, not the party.”

It marks him as a hypocrite because if he truly believed that sentiment, he’d run as an Independent, but he isn’t.  To emphasize this point, his campaign ads almost exclusively talk about his bipartisan record, in clear further attempts to divorce himself from his party in the eyes of the voters.

It also clearly demonstrates gender discrimination.  If he were at all sensitive to the issue, it would say “person” instead of “man”.  Yet he chose to emphasize he’s male instead of go for an alliterative, and thus more catchy, slogan.

He has this slogan on his campaign bus.  It’s about as prominent as a slogan can be.

Would it surprise you to learn that Brown is a Republican?


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