A Big Deal

First, a few quick status updates, if only because my blog as a whole tends to be lacking in that regard.

I’ve been going to the gym for just about 2.5 years now.  I feel better for it, and those of you that actually see me in person have noticed the difference that losing roughly 60 lbs makes.  I intend to lose more, and the big deal that follows will likely help.

A little over a year ago I aborted my attempt to become a math teacher.  My main motivation for becoming one was to increase, if only slightly, critical thinking in our society.  But I ran into multiple examples in my first week of classes of how critical thinking needs to be discouraged in the teacher just to cope with the pressures (of teaching and of taking classes to become a teacher).  I realized that my own capacity for critical thought would be severely damaged if I continued.  Fortunately, Lesley University graciously refunded my tuition and fees.

As to what else I will do with myself after that aborted effort, after several months languishing aimlessly I’ve started an effort to develop my programming skills sufficiently that I might return to work that way, but who knows how that will go at this early stage.

Now for the big deal.

For some time now, my bike has been sitting quietly in a corner next to my computer desk, gathering dust.  The corner was getting more and more blocked by other items, making the bike look more and more abandoned – until a couple of weeks ago when I removed it from the corner as part of an effort to rearrange my desk.  With the bike more accessible, and the weather warming (far too slowly), I decided that today I would take it out for a spin.

So I spent a couple of hours this morning working on the bike, first finding all the bike maintenance kit I’d not used in a long time and, second, actually working on the bike.  It needed the seat replaced (I had a spare sitting around for some reason), the dust wiped off, and the front derailleur adjusted, but then it felt ridable.  And so I took it out for a spin!

I can’t recall when last I rode the bike – it’s likely the first time this decade.  It felt good to feel the wind, and comforting that I still could intuitively pop my foot into the pedal strap without looking.  The replacement seat needed adjusting before it felt close to right and it still feels more solid than I expect.  Also the pedal straps likely will need to be replaced because they catch too easily on my current sneakers.  And while I adjusted the derailleur to get it usable, it still seems slightly out of alignment in a way that I didn’t figure out how to fix.

But overall, the bike works and I used it and I feel good for doing so.  YAY!


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One Response to A Big Deal

  1. Great! I’m gonna need to learn to cycle before I go to uni this October. Bit too cold for falling over still, and I have exams in June. But it has to be the key sustainable mode of transport – faster than walking, nearly as fast as driving in an awful lot of the world, and nearly as convenient as walking. Good luck getting back into programming, shame teaching didn’t work out but you can still contribute to the world as a programmer. Good to hear from you.

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