We need the immigrants

So there are lots of reports in the news of late about the immigration of huge numbers of children from Central America (or thereabouts).  Many people argue for sending them back.  Others respond by pointing out these are mostly children, that fled here because home is too dangerous, and sending them back home is sending them to death.

Both sides seem to miss one detail that is also important to the future of our country.  It doesn’t matter that these are children, what matters is that they come to make their lives better – just like most of our ancestors did.  By coming here, they are not just surviving, but investing in their future.

So let us invest in their future, and ours, and welcome them with open arms.  Develop public works programs akin to FDR’s New Deal to create the jobs, jobs that will improve the country instead of letting it crumble further into disrepair.  Teach them, hire them, share with them our history.

A history of how this country accepted, and welcomed, people who came here looking to make their lives better.  Let’s not change the very fiber of what made this country great out of fear of losing what we have.  Because acting on that fear will mean we have lost what once we were, a hopeful people looking to make a better future with all who will join us.


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One Response to We need the immigrants

  1. klschlist says:

    I love this post. Among my many interests in working with dairy farming in my career is trying to figure out a way to make things good between dairy farmers and their largely Central American farming work force. People be people: we should be kind and try to make life better and more productive for everyone.

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