Politics, what is it for?

So I just tripped over a news story about Jeb Bush’s reaction to Pope Francis’ encyclical, you can find it here.  The relevant bit within it reads:

Bush, a former Florida governor who converted to Catholicism 25 years ago, said religion “ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting into the political realm.”

Accepting this Bush’s position as correct, then I’m forced to deduce that the political realm is not about ‘making us better as a people’.  So now I’m a little curious – what exactly does Jeb Bush think the political realm is for?


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One Response to Politics, what is it for?

  1. Rethoryke says:

    It’s been rather depressing to see how many people who used to recommend “But you have to respect the President: he was elected and so we should see where he leads” and “But you have to follow _all_ of Catholic doctrine to really be a Catholic” do spectacular backflips as soon as an election or Encyclical disagrees with their real set of alleigances…

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