An Observation and a Prediction

Yes, this is about the election.  Sorry, but as is usual when I post here, I can’t not say what follows.  To be honest, I doubt much of this is not already stated elsewhere by others, but I’ve yet to see anyone put the pieces together to arrive at this conclusion.

It’s been noted that Trump’s positions through the years have changed, and he has even contradicted himself in the space of a few days (or less).  He’s proudly proclaimed that he pays as little tax as possible.  He uses his celebrity and wealth to take advantage of others.  I could go on, but further examples will detract from my point.

Those and numerous other actions by him lead me to believe that Trump’s interest in being President has only ever been for the sake of himself.  I believe he doesn’t care about climate change, race/gender/faith equality, abortion, immigration, foreign/military policy, health care, or any other political issue of concern for the country – unless by taking a position he derives some benefit.

Trump has stated that Pence will handle many policy issues.  My prediction is that that is an understatement – that Trump will pay attention, on a surface level only, to the goings on of the government and defer to Pence on nearly everything.  He will only lead on an issue if he personally sees a way he can benefit – and he will only make a decision to overrule Pence if he sees personal advantage to do so.  And I predict that the more effort he puts into a “cause”, the greater he believes his benefit will be.

But do not confuse him speaking about an issue with him leading on it.  Remember that Trump craves attention.  So I also predict Trump will let his subordinates do as they please, so long as he takes credit for whatever “positive” can be found in their actions or plans.  If a disagreement between them leads to political infighting, Trump will ignore it, until he feels it may tarnish his image.  And of course if something bad happens, he’ll blame them or others.

Trump never wanted to run the country, and he won’t.  He’ll take credit, bask in the spotlight, and milk the presidency for everything he can.


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