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An Observation and a Prediction

Yes, this is about the election.  Sorry, but as is usual when I post here, I can’t not say what follows.  To be honest, I doubt much of this is not already stated elsewhere by others, but I’ve yet to see … Continue reading

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Politics, what is it for?

So I just tripped over a news story about Jeb Bush’s reaction to Pope Francis’ encyclical, you can find it here.  The relevant bit within it reads: Bush, a former Florida governor who converted to Catholicism 25 years ago, said religion … Continue reading

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Scott Brown: Hypocrite, Old Boy, and Proud to be Both

In Massachusetts, our Senate race is between Scott Brown, the incumbent, and Elizabeth Warren, and is too close to call. Scott Brown’s campaign slogan is “Vote the man, not the party.” It marks him as a hypocrite because if he … Continue reading

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Only Idiots Trust Fox News

So maybe you watch the Fox News Channel religiously. Or maybe you just watch it occasionally. If you value your intelligence and ability to function in society, please stop watching it now. Here’s why. On July 13th, on their show … Continue reading

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