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Self generated musing…

The path to wisdom is an endurance race against the sprinters of pride and arrogance, and when you cross the finish line, you lose. Advertisements

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Why I don’t take notes

So I’ve started working as a course assistant. For those of you not in the know, I’m looking to leverage my mathematics experience to transition into a career teaching high school math. And now, in addition to taking classes to … Continue reading

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As turkey day approaches…

I’m busy with a final project for my first course in 15 or so years. I’m actually relatively frantic at it, coding and designing and debugging about 7 hours a day. It’s almost like a job. Mind you, I’m taking … Continue reading

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< 3 hours and 4 seconds

So I’ve been absent a while. My course started about 6 weeks ago, and I’ve been busy working away at the assignments. Acing them, mostly due to my previous experience, and partly due to my copious free time. In spite … Continue reading

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A Not-so-quantum Leap

In short: I just registered for a course at Harvard Extension School. So starts a long process, where, along the way, hopefully anyway, I manage to end my disability, therapy and generally feel good about myself again. For those that … Continue reading

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A Shopping Spree?

Last night, I had occasion, not from any urgent need but from the evening coolness, to go grocery shopping around midnight. Whee! That’s not my usual habit, except in the hot days of summer such as we have now. The … Continue reading

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Internal Reflection

On a basic level, it is the internal reflection of light, in a chamber with excited atoms, that gives a laser its coherence. The laser needs no focus to shine a straight beam, it just needs to be carefully released. … Continue reading

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